Monday, 24 July 2017

A Tasty Low Carb Fusion Wrap

I'm always looking to come up with low carb, tasty wraps. This one is a fusion of flavors, Indian, German and Vietnamese. You can alter the basic ingredients to include other fillings.
1 I start with a Low Carb wrap. I like Josephs because it's soft and only has 8 gms CHO per serving.
2. Spread the wrap with an Indian or Caribbean style chutney of your choosing. I used Papaya Chutney
3. Add a grilled Bratwurst, cut into pieces, and a cheese of your liking (I used low fat Mozzarella skim but any cheese may be used e.gPeccorino.
4. Top with a pickle of your choice (Sauerkraut if you like). I used a Red Cabbage and Beetroot pickle that I make Vietnamese style (recipe on this site).
5. Wrap tightly and enjoy!

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